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October 27, 2017

Author Christian Porter discusses his new book “Those Were The Days - A Small Town, A Wild Coach and Indiana Basketball”

This author is passionate at age 23, I thought I was passionate just shy of 50! I just ordered mine on Amazon, please do the same...Don't get Dad of Grandpa a tie for his birthday or holidays get him this book...


No one in this world plays the game of basketball quite like the people of Indiana. The game has brought communities together for over a century. From 1945 to 1965 is arguably the "Golden Age" of Indiana High School hoops. Many big schools dominated the game at this time, but in rare circumstances, a small school would sneak in and steal some thunder. In between 1959 and 1961, the Union Township Tigers of southeastern LaPorte County did just that. Union Township High School was not like most small rural schools in Indiana. It rested in the shadow of the 13,000 acres Kingsbury Ordnance Plant built for WWII in 1938. The government built the town of Kingsford Heights sprung up within the township in 1940. Over 1,000 people moved there in just a few years."The Heights" was unique. There were white kids and black kids growing up together in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. These kids grew up with Union Township's charismatic coach who saw no skin color and coached unlike any other. This earned him the notorious nickname of "Wild" Bill Yates. Those Were The Days is a creative nonfiction narrative based on the real players, coaches and games that made up this exciting time and place in Indiana Basketball.


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