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May 17, 2017

College All-Americans and ABA Champions Cannon and Netolicky discuss the ABA Pension Crisis!!

La Salle Explorer and ABA Champion Larry Cannon and ABA Champion Bob Netolicky join us to discuss the plight of the retired ABA basketball player...... There are only 149 left...... We Lost George Irvine and Skeeter Harley Swift just recently...


The ABA players from the past have been left behind by the NBA! The ABA (American Basketball Association) turned the NBA into the success it is today. $60 per year of service for pension, so if you played three years, that's $180 per month for your pension! I don't know about you but that doesn't cover very much! The NBA gets $2,000 per year of service! This is wrong, listen to an abbreviated oral version of the petition that was sent to the NBA April 5, 2017. As of today May 15th the NBA responded that they were not interested in helping these players. there are 149 ABA players left who are in bad health and poor financial situations! The NBA has dropped the ball! Remember the NBA Motto "NBA Cares"? About what????? Spread the word the NBA is wrong in not to help the ones who changed the game! Below is an article was written by Gregg Doyel from the Indianapolis Star concerning these left behind players and below that click the other link for the full document of the Petition for benefits!

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